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Instrumental Enrichment - FIE ®

Rani, our FIE Student Facilitator, part of the CHILD, defines it as

Instrumental Enrichment is a cognitive intervention program which teaches the user strategies to gather information, and use these to solve problems.

It is a set of tools or "instruments" dealing with the required thinking skills which are used to enhance the learning potential and cognitive function of both children and adults.

It has been used successfully all over the world and was conceptualized and detailed by Prof. Reuven Feuerstein

She can be contacted to conduct sessions physically for batches of 6 members and above.

Defined a while ago at ICELP as:

IE as a classroom curriculum is aimed at enhancing students' cognitive functions necessary for academic learning and achievement. The fundamental assumption of the program is that intelligence is dynamic and modifiable, not static or fixed. The IE program seeks to correct the deficiencies in fundamental thinking skills, provides students with the concepts, skills, strategies, operations and techniques necessary to function as independent learners, increase their motivation, develop metacognition - in short, to "learn how to learn."

IE materials are organized into 14 different instruments that comprise of paper and pencil tasks aimed at such specific cognitive domains as analytic perception, orientation in space and time, comparison, classification and more. Deliberately free of specific subject matter, the IE tasks are intended to be more readily transferable to all educational and everyday life situations. The IE materials and teacher manuals have received worldwide recognition and have been translated into 17 languages including all major European and some Asian languages. In addition, there is a Braille version of the IE tools for blind learners.