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We are #YASCOE = "Yet Another Spiritual Commune On Earth". See how this "Conscious Marketplace" runs.

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  • Books

    If the evolution of humanity goes steadily towards realizing the Divine, then who better to guide the way than a bookstore dealing exclusively with matters of the spirit. YM has decided to give away half the commissions from book sales to the furtherance of rural education.

  • Courses

    A platform set to launch in a few months, we are attracting to it all sorts of values driven individuals and organizations.

  • Clothing

    Forming the basis of the FIRST LEVEL of NEEDS along with Food and Shelter, to ones above the poverty line, clothing can be so much an expression of ourselves and our moods. YM has decided to give away half the commissions to the furtherance of shelter homes.

  • Creative Expression

  • Curation

  • Education

    Led by a stalwart of child rights, family support and montessori education, We will soon offer courses, workshops and services by RF / CFLS.

  • Environment

    Along with our partner in environmental advocacy and sustainability, we hope to bring you techniques you can adopt, workshops on living a simpler more agrarian life for all with SeaMovement and investment opportunities through its Planet Blue Forum.

  • Farming

  • Food

    Another important ARM of our BASIC NEEDS, we've decided to give away half the commissions on food sales to social workers like Enabler.

  • Health Info

    Curated articles by healers and life coaches along with links to their courses to be listed and promoted here.

  • Philosophy

    Would you believe if I told you there is a new age integrated philosophy / way of living thats being worked out? Find out more about Shri AP Nagaraj and his teaching revelation namely Jeevan Vidya.

  • Citizenry

    While our aim should be global concord and harmony, we need to interact at the national level to bring this sort of "Conscious Citizenry" out. A long time friend of ours, BIG is one of our cause partners for things Pan India.

  • Sensory Enhancement

    A seasoned facilitator of the Sensory Enhancement program for children ages 5 to 15, Sanjay has counselled some few thousands of children and their parents, helping them choose skills and talents.

  • Skincare and Healing

    As our consciousness expands, we are becoming more and more aware of the interconnection between these 3, realizing that a rejuvenative or restorative remedy to any 1 can cascade to the other 2 aspects.

    In her quest for abundance and delight in the world, our founder Vidzi intuited which fusions of Essential Oils would impact what ailments and cause what glows of positivity.

  • Social Catalyst

  • Social Work

    Supporter and tireless social worker Mustafa has established "Enabler" to help people and is looking for 2 to 4 part or full time volunteers.

  • Spiritual Commune

    Lending us wings to dream that soon we will have a trend leading society "back to the forests and back to the vedas", this Ashram is now inviting people away from the city to come sanctify their souls and works.

  • Teacher Mentoring

    Blending the learnings of the ages and using that to direct the way we nurture the emotional beings of future generations as stewards of this Earth, Teachers have a very special position in our society. We are inviting a few to join with us and mentor others.

  • Integral Values Training

    Helping us find the right mix of "head, heart and hands", this exceptional initiative has built a vast network of souls with just the right temper to keep us inspired.

  • Wellbeing

    Wellbeing has to be in absolute terms and available to all famillies and communities. The Value Life Mission is committed to helping us heal, live a life without violation of ours or other's minds and also, to express powerfully as we plumb the depths of our reasons for being.