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Curation Based Education

Recently begun, we are currenty developing the idea of "Curation Based Education" - an informal, teacher led story and identity exploration / emotion development and discussion for a group of 12 year olds. Curation meaning "inspired by music, movies and songs" - the themes in these stories offer a new perspective to the chidren and topics to resonate with and discuss. You can find the Cascade Batch 1 Lesson Plans here. A flyer is also in the works.

Class - Spirit

Dear Parent, We want you to feel safe leaving your children in our care. We want to know what hopes and dreams you have for them and we want to hear from them direct what all they would like to do.

We want to pique their curiosity for the world around, make them sensitive to things that are happening, help them introspect, feel free talking about fears and concerns, life's plans and doubts.

We have the following objectives

  1. Make them feel comfortable and supported
  2. Help them choose learning and development activities
  3. Guide their thinking process
  4. Expose them to the arts and culture. This includes books and music.
  5. Help them shed their inhibitions in expressing themselves
  6. Show them how they can make their lives purposeful and meaningful
  7. Explore their creativity including articles, essays, poems, painting, videos etc.
  8. Put them on a compassionate, kindly path
  9. Prepare them for adulthood and expose them to world views.
  10. Help then organize their various wishes and make a plan to achieve them.

At every stage of this, we encourage parent participation and want you to feel comfortable with us mentoring them.

We call this a "Wish Class".

Warmly, Imran Dec 3, 2020

The CBE class