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YML Learn Educational Programs BRiCS

We use but a fraction of our brain’s capacity. Balancing education and exposure to the arts and technology creates a connection and harmony between the 2 hemispheres of our brain which govern creativity and logic.

BRiCS program for children over 2 days is meant to stimulate the cognitive development of the individual and cohesion of the brains 2 polarities or functions.

Gone are the days when schools force a left hander to switch his thinking style. We enter the age of hemisphere syncing programs offered by the Monroe Institute and and their like.

Our own special library of soundscapes took 17 years to develop by a Japanese institution and involved teaching scientists world over about music and musicians about neuroscience.

From this has evolved a series of 2 day activities incorporating the best of this vast sound library. Puzzles and pictures augment the program which creates new neuro pathways in the child.

Also included is a fingerprint or survey analysis that helps us identify your child or ward’s multiple intelligences based on which career counselling is done, parental advice is given and extra curricular activities suggested.