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YML Published Sri Aurobindo Cwsa 14 Vedic And Philological Studies

In this section dedicated to Sri Aurobindo, we have republished his complete works below. Some other sites that may be of interest to the Newcomer / Aurobindonian are: Beyond Man, AuroMere and

Writings on the Veda and philology, and translations of Vedic hymns to gods other than Agni not published during Sri Aurobindo's lifetime.

The material includes (1) drafts for The Secret of the Veda, (2) translations (simple translations and analytical and discursive ones) of hymns to gods other than Agni, (3) notes on the Veda, (4) essays and notes on philology, and (5) some texts that Sri Aurobindo called "Writings in Different Languages". Most of this material was written between 1912 and 1914 and is published here for the first time in a book.

download :: cwsa-14-vedic-and-philological-studies.pdf