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YML Published Sri Aurobindo Cwsa 12 Essays Divine And Human

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In this section dedicated to Sri Aurobindo, we have republished his complete works below. Some other sites that may be of interest to the Newcomer / Aurobindonian are: Beyond Man, AuroMere and

Short prose pieces written between 1910 and 1950, but not published during Sri Aurobindo's lifetime.

The material is arranged in four parts: (1) "Essays Divine and Human", complete essays on yoga and related subjects, (2) "From Man to Superman: Notes and Fragments on Philosophy, Psychology and Yoga"; (3) "Notes and Fragments on Various Subjects", and (4) Thoughts and Aphorisms. (Some of this material was formally published under the title The Hour of God and Other Writings)

download :: cwsa-12-essays-divine-and-human.pdf