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Brain Sync - a sound approach to conscious evolution, to experience the effects of this extraordinary technology stereo headphones are required.

Kelly Howell:

Whether you want to improve your body or your life, true transformation starts from within. This audio is designed to reprogramme your mind, to lose weight safely and naturally. The sound frequencies provided help you reach every deepening level of relaxation by guiding brain activity into the powerful theta state. Biofeedback researches reveal that theta is the ideal state to imprint new beliefs and ideas. In theta barriers of resistance breakdown the doorway to the subconscious opens and the mind is ready for change.

Listen to track 1 every day for the next four to six weeks. Scientists have proven beyond doubt that repetition is the key to dissolving old ideas and instilling new ones. Once you have trained your mind you will find yourself naturally making fundamental lifestyle changes that empower you to lose unwanted pounds without struggle or will power.

On track 2 on music and brain wave frequencies only provide an opportunity for you to practice on meditations and visualisations. The subconscious is a powerful force that works in mysterious ways, once it has accepted new ideas to be churned it will do anything and everything to validate that. So, in the days and weeks to come be on the lookout for even the slightest changes occurring within and around you, when they do materialise do not minimize your knowledge as you learn to recognise and nurture the new seeds of health as they appear in your life you speed up the process of becoming slim naturally. So now find a comfortable place to lie down, put on your headphones, take care that your spine is straight and your arms and legs are uncrossed. This allows your natural channels of energy to open up, close your eyes and breathe, feel the breath move into the depths of your being, rise upward and then out and with that same sense of relief breathe out and feel the weight barrier of too many cares and concerns thoroughly, feel the weight of the past leave, take another deep breath and breathe out as if you have been relieved of all responsibilities, duties and obligations as if there is nothing you need to do other than relax.

Imagine with each breath and ease, warm delicious energy close down your shoulders and spreads out through your chest, the soothing energy cascades the neurons and out through your fingertips. Your neck becomes warm fluid, and your health becomes to float, breathe and let the energy cascade down into your diaphragm and the interiors, a soft current of relaxing energy flows down in thighs and legs, feel the flow of energy wash through your ankles and feet moving deeper and deeper into your center. Notice your feet would gently step in on soft breath, you are walking along beautiful alp, you are in a tropical forest surrounded by the air is heavy, with the scent of Jasmine, and you can hear the sound of rushing water echo through the river valley which is overhead and you are soothed by the green shadows around you. Walking towards your own private sanctuary, you feel the sense of positive anticipation of what this place will bring. It is a place where deep transformation occurs, a place where new ideas are born and beginnings are blessed, your heart springs in waterfalls in comfortable places for you to rest. Take a moment now to explore the wealth that is available to you here and know that every time you return more secrets will be revealed.

You move to the waterfall, feel the water cascade down upon you, let it wash away anything and everything that bothers you, the waterfall is transforming into a waterfall that is sparkling white phosphorus that's beautiful at night, the brilliant effervescent light is cleansing your spirit opening your heart clearing your mind and washing away toxins. The light pours down into your head, feeling it swirl through your mind washing away doubts and negativity. The sparkling light swirls through your heart center washing away disappointments, healing your wounds bringing new flows of light and happiness, feel its spread and wash through your body flooding from you into higher being that's every cell circulate the light allow it to rush and wash through you as if it will rinse in your soul clean, the light floods into higher body, illuminating and infusing every cell of your energy, you can feel the life changing your ideal being is becoming great and that you are loved and appreciated, you are fulfilled. The light is awesome which celebrates your body, you are beautiful, your skin glows with radiance, people are helping you, your inner possibilities are opening and new paths are opening. You are becoming who you want to be, and now gently float and imagine what it would feel like to have all your deepest hopes and dreams fulfilled. Let the sensations wash through you, see yourself slim and radiant, see yourself being loved and appreciate it by those around you and most of all see yourself as you wish to be.

And as you envision your most radiant self, wise inner voice emerges simply listen and allow the new thought process to occur. I may choose any thoughts I desire. I need only decide if any ideas will come to me as I accept them they will become my truth and manifest in my world. I decide what I will think and in this way I decide my entire life. I do not decide how or when my thoughts would come into being, I simply know that the universe is conspiring with me to retain and maintain my ideal weight. Positive forces are working to help me in ways I may not even imagine forces that empower me to achieve goodness. Each day is a new birth, each day is another step into wellness. I am becoming more satisfied and fulfilled. I have complete faith in the process of life to move me in the perfect direction. I do not struggle. I am guided. I barricade the door of my mind to negative thoughts and clear my mind of limitation and negative thinking. I heal my body, my mind is open to receive positive thoughts, ideas and energies. I look for the goodness in all things and goodness comes back to me. I need not escort it simply comes to me through the universe law of attraction. I know that my happiness generates joy in the life of others and I am happy. Through the great law of attraction everything that I need for my fulfilment comes to me, it is not necessary that I try hard to strive at this. I need to only believe at the strength of my belief will make itself I desire happiness from life, and as I acknowledge this my world is reordering itself to bring me the happiness and fulfillment I long for, where my body is sacred, I treat it with respect do not starve myself to attain my ideal weight, I eat right, I am not satisfied by foods that are good for mem foods that turn into beauty and health I take time to eat right. I take care of myself. I am finally discovering one that I use the knowledge I gain to fulfil and I nurture myself, my body respites as I escalate, illuminating and infusing every positive energy I can feel the life changing the ideal being is becoming furthermore changing, you are loved and appreciated, you are fulfilled, satisfactory, celebrate the body, you are beautiful, your skin glows with radiance, you feel healthy, new possibilities arise and you are powerful, you are becoming who you want to be.

Every day I choose activities that enhance my sensitive cells and add to my personal parameters. I replace craving for sweets or fattening foods with activities that I crave and nurture. I know that these activities build upon one another to bring out the slim me and create more fulfillment in my life. I found the perfect exercise for me. I work out everyday, I am committed to transformation. I love to exercise. I am transforming. I am breaking through weight barriers and easening me beyond limitation. I know limitations that arise and as I change I shall change my thoughts, I love conditioning, exercise increases my energy and radiance. I am becoming more and more beautiful. I radiate brilliance and exuberance from my growth. I am attractive, active and in demand day by day the true me, the slim me is emerging. I am patiently trusting because of these life changes I am making boundless energy and my body is changing in most wonderful ways, my appetite has decreased, my metabolism has quickened its pace. I burn fat and calories faster than I did before even now as I rest my body is reshaping and redefining itself and to be the best it can be. I need to take care of myself. If I find myself stressed, lonely, angry or upset I take care to comfort myself in nurturing ways that enhance my health and wellbeing. I am kind to myself and my body responds with renewed vigour. I eat for maximum health and fitness. I crave nutritious foods that give me energy instead of fat. I will listen to the wisdom of my body and take time to eat well and nutritious meals satisfy my cravings. I have lost interest in foods that are not good for me, heavy creams, fats and sweets no wonder appeal to me. I am building more energy and this energy is returned to me in ways that deepen my personal fulfillment. If and all then healthy craving appears I choose healthy and nourishing ways to take care of myself. That my whole world is changing to accommodate my desire to be slim, healthy and happy. Extra pounds, fat dissolves and comes out of the body. I feel there is a huge energy, you can feel the life changing, my ideal belief is becoming great and you are loved and appreciated, you are fulfilled, celebrate your body, you are beautiful, your skin glows with radiance, you are healthy a new possibility is opening, you are powerful, you are filled with the sense of confidence. With this way of thinking you transform your body and your life in the most wonderful ways. You are already well on the way to becoming slim naturally.