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Satsang is the invitation to step into the fire of Self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will burn only what you are not, and set your heart free.
~ Mooji

Mooji - Don't Fight the Mind!

00:17 Online Weekend Retreat with Mooji
00:19 22 - 24 January 2021 (with subtitles)
00:24 I'm Giving You a Big Secret - Don't Fight the Mind!
00:28 22 January 2021 Satsang Excerpt
00:31 [Mooji reads] 'Dear Mooji,
00:32 Oftentimes, I'm in my office
00:36 and I'm really overloaded with work.'
00:39 Yes, many people are like this.
00:42 'This is when the stress and mind come,
00:45 and I am lost.
00:47 How can I overcome this, Mooji?
00:50 It seems like I have a strong identity,
00:53 that my mind needs to be quiet,
00:56 so then I can be peaceful.
00:59 With infinite love and gratitude, Marek'
01:05 Don't wait for your mind to be quiet.
01:15 As you are made aware of your natural state of being,
01:25 by not getting entangled in the mind stuff,
01:28 stay like I'm doing now.
01:30 And I'm going to do it with you.
01:34 Right now, even as I'm speaking,
01:39 there's nothing you have to do.
01:42 This is the wonderfulness of consciousness.
01:44 Whatever resonates, resonates.
01:47 Understanding is taking place naturally.
01:50 You're simply here.
01:53 Pay attention to notice just the sense of being.
02:00 It's no big deal.
02:02 I'm not telling you to do something complex.
02:05 You are already the state of being.
02:07 It's not going to come in from somewhere.
02:10 It is already here.
02:12 The reason why we doubt it is because much of the time
02:17 we give our energy to paying attention to the mind.
02:21 And it is as though the mind sucks all your energy
02:25 and pulls you into personal identity,
02:28 and sends you on all these journeys to do this and to do that.
02:33 So now, as you're here with me,
02:37 when I say, Stay as you are,
02:40 don't touch any mind stuff, any intention,
02:44 even the intention to wake up to the Self.
02:47 Just remain empty for the moment, like that.
02:51 You can hear my voice.
02:58 Don't even try to become 'being'.
03:02 It is already. Simply, you are here.
03:07 And when you allow yourself
03:09 to not get entangled with the mind stuff,
03:13 don't log into its energy,
03:17 then everything nicely begins to slow down, by itself!
03:23 By itself.
03:27 You are noticing just the space of being.
03:31 And it is so natural!
03:33 Because it is so natural,
03:35 you don't give it any importance.
03:38 Because it is so effortlessly natural.
03:44 The mind is trying to make you into some spiritual doer,
03:48 'Oh, you have to do this and stop doing this,
03:51 and get rid of this, and become this', and all these things. You don't.
03:56 Just pay attention to your natural being.
04:00 You can do it now. It is just here.
04:04 And even if some thoughts come and say,
04:06 'But that cannot be anything! I've done this before, nothing happens ...'
04:12 Let the chatter go on, but don't engage with it.
04:15 The more you practise this,
04:19 which is to let the mind chatter, but don't give the attention to it ...
04:24 Just stay empty of that.
04:26 In the beginning, it might feel like there's a reflex
04:30 to engage with the mind.
04:32 But gradually, you get better at staying out of it.
04:37 Don't get into any street fight with your mind,
04:40 or accept any of its promises.
04:46 Just stay as you are, empty, for a moment.
04:50 Don't touch any thought or any intention.
04:55 Please remember this that I'm telling you.
04:58 Don't pick up any thought to do something,
05:01 or to change anything, or any wishes, 'Oh, I wish ...'
05:06 Don't do any of this. Just stay like this.
05:09 Just be one with the natural sense of being.
05:14 And if you don't go with the mind ...
05:17 This is radical, by the way. It seems even revolutionary!
05:21 Revolutionarily simple.
05:23 You're staying as you are.
05:25 And you see all the energies that
05:27 were like dust particles in the space of the mind
05:31 begin to just settle down in your noticing.
05:36 You are not settling them down.
05:38 You are already settled.
05:40 And all the noise of the mind is slowing down
05:44 inside the beingness itself.
05:47 This is very natural. Very natural.
05:54 Then what?
05:56 Then nothing. You're simply here.
05:59 You can watch, a thought may pop in,
06:02 'Oh, it's time to go and do this'.
06:05 But you notice, it's just a thought.
06:07 It is just a thought.
06:09 The more you pay attention
06:11 to the natural and simple quality of being,
06:16 the more your discerning ability becomes sharpened.
06:24 These are simple things.
06:30 And it bears fruit immediately.
06:34 This peace of being remains with you.
06:40 Sometimes you feel like you're caught off guard,
06:44 and suddenly there's this mind storm and identity.
06:48 Again, stay just as you are, again.
06:51 And as many times as the mind might appear to be attacking,
06:55 an equal number of times just come back to this place I'm pointing to.
07:00 Simply come and stay here.
07:02 It may seem to be overly simplistic advice,
07:06 but it works every time!
07:09 What you are doing may not feel like much,
07:14 or it might feel too difficult, also.
07:17 But what is happening,
07:20 is that you are allowing yourself
07:23 to recognise and be conscious of your Being.
07:28 This is true self-consciousness, it's being Self-aware.
07:34 And that is your fundamental power, being Self-aware!
07:41 Don't think you have to go and study lots of books
07:44 and put a lot of concepts in your mind.
07:48 That just feeds into the mind, very often.
07:52 Follow this simple advice.
07:54 Why follow this simple advice?
07:57 Because it's not difficult for you
07:59 to change the quality of the mind-consciousness
08:04 simply by abiding like this.
08:06 And you will see, the more you do this,
08:09 the more established you become inside the heart energy.
08:13 And from here you will see that
08:15 life, your outlook and your energy vibration
08:20 change and become much more soft,
08:24 more spontaneous, light, open, fearless.
08:28 Please follow this!
08:31 For years, and years, and years I am sharing these things,
08:36 and it is just as fresh today.
08:39 Stay with it.
08:42 If you listen and you follow,
08:45 tomorrow you can show me the fruits of your understanding.
08:48 This is how effective it is.
08:50 And I stand by what I'm sharing with you.
08:53 I'm not telling you, I hope to see you in six months,
08:57 then you can show me your progress.
08:59 No. Tomorrow you can show me your progress!
09:02 This is how confident I am about it,
09:04 and how much I know the truth of who you are,
09:07 beyond the superficial, personal, changeful appearances.
09:12 This is the fundamental nature of consciousness.
09:15 OK? So, thank you.
09:25 [Mooji] Sometimes you may have heard me say ...
09:29 When we can be together like this
09:33 and impart simple pointers that are grasped inside the heart,
09:39 you may have heard me say,
09:42 You are the seeds of awakening in a sleeping world.
09:49 But these seeds must become mighty trees.
09:53 This happens very, very naturally.
09:56 When the seed is in a good place,
09:59 when it has water and light,
10:03 everything is automatic.
10:05 Your growth in understanding is largely automatic.
10:11 It is not to do with how much mind power you put to things.
10:17 Therefore, I've not asked you to learn to visualise or imagine anything.
10:22 It is not needed.
10:25 Clear, sober understanding,
10:27 and applied pointings are already fruitful and potent.
10:36 Stay with this and it will stay with you.