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In 2019 we designed a Conscious Marketplace

We are now working to bring people onto this platform

See archived link for full video transcript


to be detailed by Neo/GDMV

  • graphics / content creation guidelines
  • linked in group and how to make use of linked in
  • using vimeo on demand for content
  • use patreon / instagram if creator

Consulting services by GDMV to create media.


  • Use amadeus to power your business (see Vidzeal) - platform cost 100$ per year, consulting on actuals
  • get listed as a project of YM in CORE - (see VLM - 50$ per year
  • get listed as someone we support - see BRiCS - 25$ per year
  • listing in explore / mobile app - see our terms below


To be listed on The Conscious Marketplace, YM or its designated Affiliates / Charities are to be paid a full 20% commission.

Money Sharing

(for Layered / Franchised Consulting / Facilitating)

I propose and adopt a simple 60, 20, 20 recipe for sharing.

This could apply to

And has the following guidelines

  1. 60% to the person or persons rendering the service.
  2. 20% to the organisation, stalwart or pillar that enables or trains them (no charge for the training as that is given in a spirit of goodwill)
  3. 20% to the creator(s) of an idea.

Facilitator, Mediator or Mentor, and Originator.

For instance, in the case of the CBE classes, Imran is Originator, Cascade fls is one of the Mentors and Facilitators are the people trained by them to conduct these classes.

Money to be collected by the Facilitator and commissions to be paid directly to the Originator and Mediator by the last day of the month.

Anyone is free to donate upto 50% of their yearly services and products freely but for larger percentages, to inform the originator prior so that special support can be given for these magnificent human beings.

Remember, we are trying to be as disruptive as possible.

Originators may give an additional 5 percent of revenues to those contributing content, ideas, process and material until those persons feel compensated.

While it would be easy to let everyone claim expenses before sharing, that would only lead to inequity and tussle.