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A word meaning "wisdom", the "Nom Project" is specifically used to discuss programs for children - the end goal of all our living and striving. In a 2018 letter to children, Imran sums up the spirit of a future melody.

Peer Education and Feedback Form

  • Have you ever felt helpless as your child struggles to find focus, motivation and skill?
  • Do you feel stifled as a parent, unable to actively shape your child's emotional and mental development?
  • How would you react if we told you there were resources that would empower you to make your child self aware, functional, productive, conscious and happy.
  • What if the process of preparing for maternity / motherhood could already be geared towards bringing in a humane, productive and peaceful child into this world with all these qualities.
  • What if additionally, there were a parent cooperative that you could start / join to peer-educate children along with their friends.
  • Please take this survey to help you better understand your wishes with regards to yourselves, your children and their entire generation.

Jan 2021 Form