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YML Learn Education Classroom

A word meaning "wisdom", the "Nom Project" is specifically used to discuss programs for children - the end goal of all our living and striving. In a 2018 letter to children, Imran sums up the spirit of a future melody.


General guidance for any sort of classroom, specifically the "CBE" class

For the Students to Know

Class Habits

  • Keep Pencil and Journal at Hand
  • Don't interrupt, raise your hand
  • Try not to put each other down with jest
  • Work sincerely and the rewards will be manifold
  • Remember we are all here in this journey together

Shared Responsibilities

  • Each of you will take turns summarizing the class and making reports on happenings and progress.
  • Homework submissions can be shared with the entire group by mailing Pictures of handwritten notes preferred.
  • one to keep track of time and gently switch us over a few minutes before the allotted time for that activity has lapsed.
  • If someone is absent, they may reach out to any of you to get a first hand idea on what they missed.

Personal Goals

Since this is primarily a mentoring program, we will eventually discuss personal goals and learn to decompose them into daily tasks, activities and habits.

Possible Activities

Classes could contain the following elements

  • Invocation
  • choice of prayer
  • homework review
  • 5 questions
  • songs discovered
  • journal discussion
  • one goal and how to plan
  • writing time
  • topic of the day
  • review of hour gone

General Considerations

These may be done at the beginning or anytime when the teachers feel a lull.

  • Take everyone's pulse
  • How is everyone feeling?
  • Ready to have fun?
  • Anything exciting you want to share?
  • Anything that has you down?

5 Questions (activity)

Here, the children are asked to ask questions to the teacher*, keeping the following in mind:

  • Which you cannot usually find answers to
  • Which may make you shy or uncomfortable
  • Mention the outcome you want by asking the question
  • Timeframe in which to be answered

*Teacher to think of a related follow on activity.


  • Children have the habit of journaling / are asked to develop it.
  • Reading as a habit to be encouraged
  • Children are asked not to feel restricted in this class
  • Parents plan a daily discussion time with their children and a follow on discussion with the parents group IS A MUST