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Someone I knew wrote a book called the Grandeur of Spirit and it's only as I write this that I realize that that spontaneous expression of His Play (or Lila) is the highest humanity can reach.

We are indeed heading back to our illimitable origins, for it's time our Mother wakes us from our stupor and guides us from our adolescent folly back into the Light.

Why do we not choose our highest right instead of our darkest wrong? This illuminating choice presents itself to us a million times each day and if you keep feeling ONE with the universe, you will feel tranquility and guided by loving hands.

Yes, Father, we too choose LOVE.

In this spirit of things, I have chosen to be a catalyst, with the hope that one day the drops will all add up and we will together know the meaning of being an AWE inspired witness of creation / evolution unfolding. Lets espouse our causes more dearly, being ever mindful of the company we keep, and let our children keep.

I stand for peace - so much more pregnant than just the absence of malice and discord.

Concern, conceived in late 2013 was designed to bring caring and passionate people together to delight in and colour each other's lives.

It is only by knowing pain first hand that we can relate to those of a loved one and then decide to go all out for them. I love you, Earth and want to help you heal. As Billy would say… it's all about soul!

As our lives have been shaped by loved ones both here and gone, so too we have the power to love more and shape other's lives.

As the healing goes side by side, so too, let the daring and the courage to face life and live it on our own terms.

A few times have I been witness to the power of words - Feanor, Goldberg, Chiang and wish to speak now of the poetry that is the tapestry we weave around ourselves.

No outburst of mine would be complete without giving due credit to Master Niggle whose art shone across and lit the fabric of creation! Like Slartibartfast, the very designer of Heaven (Ea or Earth) with its immense beauty.

So, let us show concern and care in all that we do, with the hopes that when we meet our heavenly father, we can throw our good deeds into the reckoning.

Ideas is a platform for sharing ideas that this Earth desperately needs. Ideas for a complete overhaul of the system as we refuse to circle the drain anymore.

Ideas that MAY take hold on forward thinking minds.

It still refuses to be yet another organisation or company, but rather wishes to aid in the creation of empowered individuals, conscious businesses and truly munificent charities.

My goal is to build and accelerate 20 such umbrellas or pockets of hope by 2025.

I wish to remain acknowledged for the ideas I've had and remunerated for them and for the time I lend to YOUR ideas, initiatives and aspirations. We may call this fair trade and I hope that they will each start a CASCADE of ripples or a symphony of harmony.

Finally feeling brave, I wish now, to come into my own as a creator of content and collaborator on issues of international concern.

I choose to begin with Education and Conscious Conception, two subjects I would like dearly to know more about.

Imran Ali Namazi, 28 Sep 2021