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As we expand the section on parenting as relevant to Project Nom, we ask you to browse this site of a friend of ours.

Bharath Ram Manoharan

From the website

Hi there, I'm Bharath Ram Manoharan. I'm a Database Engineer, Parent, and an Aspiring Entrepreneur.

I write about parenting and relationships. I am addicted to improving myself in many areas of my life. That includes improving as a parent as well.

I turn to books whenever I want to learn. Writing and sharing about what I read helps me to understand the concepts better. As lovely and enjoyable as it can be, being a parent is a challenging thing. Many would agree if I said it is indeed more demanding than a full-time job.

I have so many questions.

To list a few,

  • How can I be effective in my career while being a parent?
  • How can I raise a responsible, independent child?
  • How to deal with potty training challenges?
  • How to protect my son from screen addiction?
  • How to teach my son to be strong and confident?

the list goes on...

I don't just believe in simply reading books. I take the strategies that make sense to me and try them out myself. This is the website where I share my results, opinions, feedback, findings, research etc.

If you like reading my articles, please sign up to my weekly email newsletter on the sidebar. You'll only get information that will either help you to become a better parent or how to make life slightly less stressful.

About Bharath Ram