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Losing someone is tough, it raises a lot of questions. Will we be connected in the afterlife? Are they happy in the spirit world? So many feelings left unspoken... So much grief etc.

Lucky for us, people like Hans Wilhelm have made videos about this.

Garuda Purana

The garuda purana goes in detail into the jourey into the hereafter, with the following points:

  • The Astral Cord
  • End of the physical body
  • Detachment from the body
  • The Tunnel
  • Meeting the Ancestors
  • Life Review
  • Blue print
  • The re-birth
  • The agreement starts..

2015 Prayer (Rebirth)

Imran has his own prayer (from 2015) that tries to end on a positive note.

Dear God,

We pray for all those dear departed souls.

May they have met the moment of death with calm and peacefulness and little or no discomfort, pain or trepidation.

May they have soon realized that they had passed away from us and not look back to us with sadness, attachment or regret.

May their short visit to the world between lives be full of courage, acceptance and daring.

May they not be lured into phantasmal worlds which are hard to come out of.

May they not be too harsh on themselves in judgement of their past birth and their actions therein.

May their time in purgatory / heaven / hell be adequate and productive.

May they choose wisely their next birth (or afterlife) and be granted your Grace.

May they once again become intimate with life's secrets, never forgetting, no matter the travails.


Book on Life Beyond

And there is this amazing book by Bo Yin Ra.

Condolences with Concern Facebook Group

Thanks to my friend Keerthi who decided to make a "condolences with concern" community site where each dear departed gets a page and friends and family can share memories.

You can see it here: CWC FB Page.